Thursday, October 27, 2005

Not to brag or anything...

...but I totally called it. Okay, so I live on the North Side (it's just safer and closer to everything I need without having to drive) and okay, so I didn't go to any Sox games this year (apparently people would rather hang out at Wrigley Field?!), but I have always been a White Sox fan, and so I cheered last night when they won the World Series. Ozzie Guillen, probably the most stressed out guy this side of Washington DC, made it through, despite the end-of-season slump and some really tense games. Cubs fans are mighty ired right now. They're just jealous because the Sox swept the series in four games and the Cubs had their chance two years ago and blew it.
So now that I've gone and bragged about the win, you should read the column by Chicago Tribune's John Kass, a true South Sider and White Sox fan. John Kass usually throws some attitude into his column, a "told-ya-so" kind of approach, but today he is a gracious winner and says it well. Still, we can brag a little bit, right?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

World Champion Chicago White Sox

Get used to that phrase. You'll be hearing it a lot in a few weeks. Can I hear it for the South Side champs? You know it. Boo-ya.